Slayer Steam

The New Steam Box Set

Inspired by the ask for a “total value” product line with Slayer’s signature design flair, we introduce the new Steam Box Set.  A three tier product option package for every cafe type and customer. Consistency and high volume output became our “X” to solve toward. The Steam Box Set brings the cafe countertop a low profile, ergonomic-design for fast, efficient beverage preparation.All three products feature advanced volumetrics, classic 9 bar pump extraction bundled up in our impeccable design. Available in three performance dynamic user platforms for your specific cafe needs and budget. Slayer Steam provides a series of volumetric machines built for every type of cafe and customer that produce more milk-based beverages and need a faster and/or easier machine. Available in three performance specific user platforms for your specific needs and budget.

Slayer Steam EP

A work horse that also delivers push button activated Volumetrics to simplify the barista work flow, four settings per group with independant programmable pre-wet feature 0-4 seconds, shot counters, password protected menus are the critical needs for your busy bar.

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Slayer Steam LP

Featuring programmable pre-infusion (0-10 seconds) with two settings per group, advanced Dual Volumetrics, classic pump driven extraction and much more. Heads-up Barista Dashboard™ per group with intuitive time to weight conversions is sure to give you those much needed seconds in the beverage cue. This is what we call the dream machine.

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Slayer Steam X

You asked, we listened. The headliner of our new series has all the bells and one big whistle, the Vaporizer. This technology allows the barista access to tuning flavours and texture of dairy and alternatives through the creation of a dryer, hotter steam.  Advanced Dual Volumetrics and Classic 9 Bar extraction available in the entire series for consistency and ease of operation.

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