Tone Brewer

The TONE Touch 03, is the first revolutionary step to redefining the future of brewing. This tankless system has world class technology allowing users to control all parameters of the extraction such as:

Brew time: adjustable recipes allow for the user to control each stage of the brew process including bloom, staged pouring and final development.

Temperature: Fully adjustable temperature controls. Ability to program different temperatures for different pour stages.

Water Flow: Higher flow rates promote more agitation, the Tone allows you to choose how fast the water reaches the bed of coffee.

Pulse: Control the amount of pauses between your brewing, giving you the ability to program the machine to the exact way you brew manually.

Delay: We know you need to pause occasionally while brewing, especially when agitating or grooming the bed before completion. The Tone 03 allows you to set this to your exact specifications.

Brew Method: This unit works the way you brew. From chemex, kalita, V60, plunger, tea - the options are endless. You can select either flat or V base when designing your brew recipes to achieve the best results.

Programmable for batches from 250ml up to 2L.
Boiler-less brewer - achieve 94°C / 201° F within 2 seconds after powering on.
Windows based brew adjustment software - available either via ethernet or optional WiFi antenna.
Ability to adjust recipes anywhere in the world with all data available in real time.
Colour variations: white/grey, all-white, black/grey, all-black.

We're already in love with this unit, but don't take our word for it. Now running showroom demonstrations with premium filter or your coffee at our Coburg location. Pop your details in below and one of our sales team will reach out to book in a time.