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Acacia - Lunar Scale Black

by Acaia
SKU AC10100


The acaia family of scales are renowned for their beautiful design and amazing functionality; sophisticated and modern, the lunar is USB rechargeable, waterproof, durable and connects with a suite of custom designed apps to help you brew better and more consistently.

The Lunar is the newest in the acaia range, and developed specifically for professional coffee makers. At 10cm squared, it's small enough to fit on the drip tray of any machine, with an anodized aluminum case sealed against liquid entry and electronics with a protective coating to shield them against moisture damage. It also boasts a generous 2 year warranty.

The lunar features dual modes of operation, with the first (similar to the pearls) with a timer on the left and the weight on the right and the new weigh to brew mode which automatically starts the timer when the scale detects a weight increase (like the start of a brew or espresso extraction.) The lunar has a bright display, 20ms response time for near-instant readings and tremendous accuracy (up to 1/10th of a gram) that is sensitive to even the weight change of evaporation. Stability in this scale is better than ever, and the built in stopwatch is flawless and syncs effortlessly with the mobile app for handsfree control and tracking.