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BestAqua 14 ROC - Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration. Unit Only

by BWT
SKU RS81M01A00

BWT BestAqua 14 ROC 80-120lph 220v. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration.

The BWT BestAqua 14 ROC system is a compact reverse osmosis unit designed for food service and coffee applications. The ROC unit is perfect for water dispensers, coffee machines and small steamer ovens. The compact ROC system is a best setup as a multi-stage package with a Pre-filtration Fibron Carbon filter to remove sediment and chlorine, the BestAqua 14 ROC Reverse Osmosis system to reduce all dissolved solids including salt and hardness ions and a Storage tank. We would also recommend add a Remineralisation Filter to add minerals for full coffee flavour. You could use either a BWT BestMin or BWT Best Coffee to remineralise your water. 

Fibron filter, Storage Tank and Remineralisation Filters sold separately. We also sell the Best Aqua Roc as a complete setup ( BA14S-30 - BestAqua Reverse Osmosis Compact Package)

Reverse Osmosis water filtration is best used when you are in an area with a high water hardness or if you want to control the mineral content of your water for consistency and flavour of your espresso. The BestAqua is compact and simple to use and easy to install.