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Portafilter Basket - VST 20gram Ridged 58mm

by VST

Portafilter Basket - VST 20gram Ridged 58mm

VST baskets came onto the market and raised the bar for basket consistency and performance. Before then no one had really paid much attention to how their baskets were made. VST baskets are precision engineered and basket holes are measured for size, placement and shape. Basically they made a high performing basket to match your high performing espresso machine. These baskets are designed to help you get a better tasting coffee, every time. 

Do they match the hype, we think so!


  • VST's precision filters deliver consistent extraction performance over a wide range of concentration with reduced sediment
  • Designed to extract properly as a ristretto, normale or lungo with minimal or no change in grind setting at a fixed dose
  • Filters are matched for total square area to +/- 5% to ensure identical performance
    (typical variances of standard filters range from 50-200% of nominal open square area)
  • All VST Filters are WARRANTED for ONE-YEAR and for ZERO DEFECTS
  • Holes are fabricated using a new micro-machine and finishing process
  • 100% of holes are measured on every filter for min/max range limits on area and diameter to a precision of +/- 20 µm (individual QC report provided with every filter)
  • All holes are measured for circularity, placement, square area and blocked holes
  • Hole pattern is centered to +/- 1.0 mm and placement is oriented for uniform extraction throughout the entire puck
  • Wide outlet angle to prevent filters from clogging, patented anti-wear design ensures uniform performance for life of product
  • Improved structural integrity, will withstand deflection from pump cycling without premature fatigue failures (see VST Warranty)
  • 58.40mm Tamper Recommened