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Rocket Fausto Chrome

Rocket Fausto Chrome

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Simply put, the Rocket Fausto is a premium burr grinder designed for environments where space is at a premium. The Rocket Fausto home grinder is amazing and built by Eureka who build some of the worlds best grinders. This has allowed Rocket to in combination with their barista accessories range, have a complete setup in matching design. We are a little biased, yet believe a Rocket Espresso home setup makes for the perfect home cafe. We figured you would want to know a little more about the Rocket grinder so here we go...

The Fausto is around the same size as the Mazzer Mini-Electronic and Macap M4D- yet outperforms both of them. This grinder is also faster than the Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic. It includes a 500W motor (most powerful in class) for grind speeds of 14g in approx. 8 seconds. This makes for the fastest electric coffee grinder on the market for its size.

Simply place your group handle under the dispenser, select a single or double dose and the correct amount of coffee will be ground directly into your group handle. This makes it a clean on-demand espresso grinder delivering coffee directly into the filter basket, the Rocket Fausto can be paused mid-dose allowing the user to maintain an even distribution within the basket as they grind.

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