Welcome to Genio Australia and New Zealand.
Specialist Espresso are excited to announce our distribution partnership with Genio roasters. Genio is an incredible roaster manufacturer headed up by Neil Maree of South Africa. These roasters are the perfect blend of a workhorse drum roaster and the precision of its most advanced counterparts. 

Oversized Drum

Roast full sized and even oversized batches, no more roasting at 80% to get the best out of your equipment.

3 Year Warranty
Backed by the Genio online training portal, with easy instructions on routine maintenance and yearly servicing. With three year warranty, this is the worlds longest warranty ever provided for a commercial coffee roaster. 

Precision Technology 
The drum is composed of dual layered of mild and stainless steel walls (4.5mm inner and 2mm out) which allow air to flow between the layers of the drum cavity allowing for even and gentle heating. The outside of the drum is also coated in ultra-high temperature insulation to ensure energy efficiency and keep the temps consistent between batches. This technology gives the user a unique blend of convection and conduction heating. 

These machines have more features than I can list, but what we really want to offer you is a super high level of support and education. Got questions? We’re here. Technical issues? We’ve got access to parts and are able to ship quickly Australia and New Zealand wide. You and your roasting team can also access support and training 24/7 using the Genio hub online which includes everything from technical, sensory and roast training. We do recommend a roasting consultant for new roasters however to help shadow them through the roast profile development process in a hands-on way.

ProRoast Software
Track gas, airflow, temperature, drum speed and roast curves accurately with the option to put the machine onto autopilot and replicate the roast accurately from your favourite saved profiles all on an android tablet. You can check out a demo below.

For pricing, lead times and further details please contact us at