Milk Wastage - Let's talk Facts.

It's probably not the first time you've heard someone talk about automation in the coffee industry. It's been a hot topic as cafe owners face the desperate task of keeping their costs low, with wages and product costs higher than ever before. 

We often think about the big ones - the cost of coffee per kilo, produce costs, staff wages, point of sale fees, and other things that we feel are typically negotiable. One thing that we often overlook is wastage, specifically milk wastage.

Ubermilk recently took this wastage theory real world and worked with a cafe in Sydney's CBD that run around 65kg of coffee per week. Based on their findings, this works out to 105lt of milk used a day or 735lt of milk per week.

Over the course of a week, all of their milk wastage was monitored and weighed and the findings were surprising - without fail the baristas were wasting around 6.3lt of milk per day. At $2.50 per bottle, meaning a weekly wastage cost of $110.25. With these figures, this equates to 6% milk wastage overall.

This is where Ubermilk comes into the picture. Ubermilk doses exactly the right amount of hot milk at exactly the right consistency ready for pouring. This means that your baristas are no longer over-pouring during a rush, tipping profits down the jug rinser or underestimating the amount of stretch they're adding to the jug. If you haven't seen one of these in action, we definitely recommend checking out the video below.

This time, we're not talking about improvements to workflow, process, speed of service, or milk quality and consistency - simply wastage.

Wastage Daily: 6.3lt
Daily Wastage Cost: $15.75
Cost per year: $5,733
Wastage Daily: 0.2lt
Daily Wastage Cost: $0.50
Cost per year: $182.00
Cost Saved: $5,551 per year
Milk Waste reduced by 2,226.5lt per year

Want to see what the Ubermilk looks like on your bench? Reach out to us to find out how we can make that happen.

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