More Info - Rocket Espresso Giotto Cronometro V

Giotto Cronometro V by Rocket

Starting at the very end of the process, by creating the perfect espresso, the engineers work in reverse to create the ultimate espresso machine. Purpose built with the very best in traditional craftsmanship and technical knowledge, all to reflect the commercial machine experience at home. The boiler with heavy end plates and capacity of 1.8 litres has been matched to the thermosyphon system. This allows the balance of the espresso machine to texture perfect milk and optimize perfect extraction temperature for the tastes and flavours of espresso without delay.

Cronometro V and Cronometro R

The Giotto is available in two versions, V with a Vibration Pump and R with a Rotary Pump. Now with complete with a digital shot timer, a feature taken directly from our commercial range, the Cronometro machines have superior technology that is normally only found in full sized commercial espresso machines. Both R and V models are temperature controlled by PID logic for enhancing the users experience and control over the espresso quality. The PID touchpad is easily accessed underneath the front drip tray. Research and development at the Rocket Espresso Milano headquarters together with international customer feedback, has continued the evolution of the Giotto components, design and build quality for almost 21 years. The unwavering reputation of a reliable machine with superior results has the Giotto supported, promoted and loved by the coffee industry as the Barista’s home choice.

Technical Specifications

  •  E61 style chrome plated brass group head is 4.05 kg.
  • Insulated wrapped boiler with 9mm brass end plates for enhanced thermal performance and stability.
  • Lever activation for espresso.
  • Boiler 1.8 Litre Heat Exchange.
  • Vibration pump.
  • Boiler pressure control via PID logic.
  • 2.9L water reservoir.
  • Cool touch steam assembly.
  • 10 amp/ 1200 watts.
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) mm: 274 x 425 x 360.
  • Weight: 25.4 kg.