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RE A by Rocket Espresso

Commercial 2/3 and 4 group traditional espresso machines for the industry professional. As demand for speciality coffee becomes stronger worldwide, so too does the industry professionals' demands for quality, performance and value for money espresso machines. This makes the new "Linea Professionale" commercial model by Rocket Espresso Milan an assured choice. The release of Rocket Espresso's Linea Professionale commercial model reflects the iconic and industry acclaimed reputation of the Rocket Giotto for its reliability, beautiful build quality and ultimate performance.

Temperature Stability

Rocket Espresso Milan believes temperature stability to be one of the most important factors in espresso machine design and performance. The electronically controlled temperature of the boiler. The oversized thermal mass of the E61 (5.1 kg) style group head. The generously dimensioned Thermosyphon System layout. All of these features allow the user confidence to attain optimal temperature stability while under maximum demand. All aspects of production continue to be hand assembled from the very best materials available. Rocket Espresso Milan stands for Quality, Innovation and Craftsmanship for those passionate about producing the finest espresso cup quality possible.