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kees van der western slim jim

The brand new member of Kees family. The high build quality and strong performance in extraction and steam. The Slim Jim will be offered in a wide array of appearances. Everybody can now have their own bespoke machine, be it the aspiring espresso bar owner or the chain of shops. One may choose between many different, visually defining parts like legs, front panels, side panels, cup rails, colours, awnings, colour of knobs/handles, groups, etc. All parts are interchangeable.

kees van der western spirit

The ‘King” of the Kees van der Westen machines. Equipped with multi boilers, one large steam boiler to produce hot water and steam, and one boiler per group to heat water for brewing coffee. Each boiler has its own electronic temperature control system, heating element and safety devices, offering extremely precise temperature stability. With ability of customisation to a neat classy cafe to a grungy industrial setup, the Spirit is the go to machine for precise and expert baristas who are chasing the ultimate coffee machine

kees van der western mirage

The Mirage runs a heating system based on the thermosyphon system. It consists of a large copper boiler and is equipped with a heat exchanger for each group. Beautifully built and designed, the updated and well proven E61 group head is designed for precise temperature stability and beautiful pre-infusion.

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kees van der western speedster

The speedster is ultimate 1 group espresso machine. The speedster provides extreme precision and maximum control in a speedy package.