Specialist Collect

Welcome to Specialist Collect - our door to door collection and drop-off service for domestic equipment servicing. 

We know it's sometimes not easy to get into one of our workshops, that's why we're currently offering a complete repair service that includes metro delivery and drop off.

What machines do we repair?
We repair most domestic coffee machines with an E61 group head, almost all commercial machines as well as most domestic and commercial grinders. If you're wondering if your equipment is eligible, reach out to our team anytime using (03) 9116 4886 or e-mail hello@specialistespresso.com.

What regions are included?
All areas within 20km of our Melbourne or Geelong warehouses are eligible for Specialist Collect. If you're wondering about collection in your suburb, check out the maps below.

What are the costs?
Standard repair charges will apply, however there is no extra charge for the pickup/drop-off service. Typically, most machines will require a regular preventative maintenance service to replace most of the serviceable and perishable parts. If there are any other repairs needed once the machine is on-site, we will contact you if the cost exceeds $350 for confirmation to go ahead with further work.

How do I arrange pickup?
Our pickup/drop-off services are available Monday to Friday throughout the year. Complete the form on this page to have one of our team contact about booking times.

How long does repair usually take?
Depending on the required repairs, we always aim to have the machine back between 7-14 days. If it is repaired sooner, we will be in contact to book in a return time.