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Cafetto - Barista Cloth Set (4 Pack)

Cafetto - Barista Cloth Set (4 Pack)

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Cafetto Barista cloths are premium quality microfibre cloths designed help maintain the cleanliness of the espresso machine and surrounding work areas. The microfibre cloths designed to outperform and outlast the conventional kitchen cleaning cloths. They are machine washable so they can be reused. We like to use them because they feel much better to use over the course of a shift. They are more absorbent and better at loosening dirt and coffee residue than a standard kitchen cleaning cloth.

Cloth Set includes:

1 x Brown Barista Clip Cloth 30x60cm for cleaning your portafilters

1 x Green Cleaning Cloth 30x30cm for benches

2 x Blue Cleaning Cloths 20x20cm for cleaning your steam wands


  1. Machine wash regularly only with other lint free articles.
  2. Do not use fabric softener - this will reduce the cleaning performance of the cloths.
  3. Remove the clip from the Brown Barista Clip Cloth before washing.
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