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Cafetto - Grinder Clean 430g

Cafetto - Grinder Clean 430g

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Cafetto Grinder Clean removes build-up of stale coffee residue and coffee odours. Grinder Clean helps to absorb and remove any build up of coffee oil in the grinding chamber that can oxidise and go rancid over time, tainting your espresso. It helps reduces blockages between burrs and internal chambers without having to disassemble your coffee grinder. It also helps to clean grinder burrs and casings improving grinder performance and extending the life of your burrs.  

Cafetto® Grinder Clean is Gluten free! It is a 100% natural grain based formula that uses no binders or chemicals.

We like to use it to help keep grinders clean where it isn't practical to disassemble the grinder regularly for cleaning. We also recommend using it to help keep the grinder clean in the times between disassembling for cleaning.



  1. Empty all coffee from hopper.
  2. Pour one capful of Cafetto® Grinder Clean into hopper.
  3. Run grinder to grind all Grinder Clean in hopper .
  4. Empty the grinder dosing chamber and brush out any dust with Pallo Grind Minder.
  5. To season burrs, repeat above process once with one capful of coffee beans.
  6. The grinder is now ready for use.
  7. Note: A small amount of dust may develop during grinding and is harmless. Wipe particulates from hopper, spout and doser.


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